Monday, January 11, 2010

This song touch my heart- Asmaul Husna

Right now I feel like crying. Yes I'm crying now while listening to that song. Thank you to The Almighty Allah for all the good things happened in my life - the air for me to breathe, the soil for me to stand, the water for me to drink, the nice food for me to eat, a good career, beautiful family for me to share my love, a moderate shelter for me and family, a moderate vehicle, the friends for me to laugh and cry. Thanks for this moderate life, I'm grateful enough, syukran. You give me all these for free and never sent any bills for this 25 years. Subhanallah.

Starting from today and in the future, if in pain I should stop and should not be asking GOD "Why me?"

Everything happens for reasons. Only The Almighty know why.


Mrs. Kown said...

ni satu lagu wajib adam kalau nak tido. kalau dia dah gosok2 mata, tenyeh2 muka kat bantal, on je asmaulhusna, kompem tido. ;)

yours truli said...

Alhamdulillah. Allah knows best whats good for everyone. Kita buat baik kat org akan dibalas baik jugak akhirnya.

Ammolicious said...

Primadona, kamu mane menghilang? rindu dong sama kamu. hihihi