Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello 2010 si no. kurus dan si no. gemuk.

Thank you 2009 for those ups and downs, for those angels and jerkies, for those good things and bad things which already happened. I accepted it dengan keredhaan sepenuh hati for what have been planned for me on this earth.

So here I am saying hello to you 2010. Hey hey I love that number 10 after number 11. For me the number 10, adalah unik. Semasa kecil di tadika time nak hafal no., I selalu imagine no. 1 itu adalah lelaki kurus, while no. 0 itu adalah perempuan gemuk, kesimpulannya apabila no. 1 bergabung dgn 0 ia membentuk pasangan yang paranormal berbanding no. 11. Jangan tanya kenapa I imagine mcm tu, it's one of my memorizing method. kalau nak apply kat anak-anak pun boleh.

How bout my resolutions. Of course to be a better person than before. Tell me, ada ke org yang nak jadi worst tahun hadapan?

1. Make myself nearer to The Creator.
2. Spend more love and time with Abah, Mama, Syaffiq and Lya.
3. Live healthy and put more love to my body.
4. Make more kaching ching ching.
5. Fullfill the island escapade need please!!! hula..hula...
6. Do some saving to buy my own hommy. Insyaallah.

If you asked me, where are you going to celebrate your new year? My first thought it would be the glass bungalow in the jungle which is my favourite place at Sekeping Serendah (kalaulah dapat own a glass bungalow kan best) but since its fullybooked till January=(, I'd rather stay at home, cook new recipes, had my pedicure in front of the tv or maybe DVD marathon. You think its boring?? Hey I cant imagine myself bersesak-sesak in that stinky2 busuk environment just for that fire crackers and greet people along the street Happy New Year! Happy New Year! mcm orang separuh sedar. Zaman party new year itu telah berlalu, I had enough. Terasa diri tua? Yes it is, I just have another few days to add one more number to the age number I'm having now. Thank you!


SoFiA.opY said...

i tot im the only person yang rasa tak nak party-party-ing or celebrate new year dah,,

rupa2nya u pon sama!!

kan kan?i dont think we're old, but logically, kita sudah matang and berfikir secara waras!HAHHA

babe, seriously i nk ikot sgt g sekeping serendah tuuuuuu!!

can i?

happy new year Nad sayang..

hugs n kisses,

azaliahjsalleh said...
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I am Salmi!! said...

hehe me too not partying n stuff! hye "Primadona" (aha a very nice name 4 a blog) im 1st time here. wait,fuschia is the pink-like color is it? when i 1st saw ur blog name,i was expecting to see a pink-fuchsia blog hehe, turned that its not. feel free to drop by my page ya, keep in touch